Sustainable Development

The progressive awareness of environmental issues has meant that, since the 1970s, international organizations, opinion movements, governments and scholars have questioned the future of our planet and arrived at the concept of sustainable development, that is, a model of life. Sustainable development allows on one hand to satisfy our needs, but on the other does not compromise irreversibly the possibility for future generations to satisfy their own.

Our values

Raw material
The search for the best raw materials to guarantee the quality not only of the final product but also in the manufacturing process.
Sustainable production
Our commitment is present at every stage of the production process, from the choice of raw material to drying and finishing.

Our commitment to the environment

It is everyone's task, not least the companies', to try to safeguard the environment, implementing a series of actions that can, over the years, defuse the inexorable process of climate change and the devastating effects which are now more and more evidently conditioning our lives. Our company is increasingly involved in the implementation of all processes aimed at adopting a sustainable production model.
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Our eco-sustainable program

Apart from raw material, coming from various parts of the world, but with increasing attention to the use of Italian wool, our supply chain is 100% located in our factory in Quaregna, so from the staple to the finished product, our felt is totally 'Made in Italy'.
This specifically means:
• full compliance with all regulations regarding the protection and health of workers
• compliance with environmental protection regulations
• use of 'zero kilometer' and certified suppliers where possible, and which in turn guarantee us full compliance with the rules on environmental protection and hygiene and safety for workers
• re-use of water used in production processes without having to dispose of it.
• production of special felts with recycled wool.
• chemical products reduced to the essential minimum, except where specifically requested: our felt is created with the sole aid of mechanical action, steam, soap and water.
• replacement and/or redesign of plants and structures aimed at improving the health of workers, promoting energy saving and respecting the environment.

Certificated products

Over the past few years we have felt the need to obtain certifications aimed at confirming our commitment to environmental protection and the search for increasingly "GREEN" production methods.
Textile and Health Association Sustainability, consumer health protection and circular economy prospects for textile products. The Textile and Health Association (TeS) was founded in 2001 in Biella and is active throughout the country in the field of chemical safety and sustainability of textile articles.
OEKO-TEX The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label, provides an independent guarantee that a textile product is completely safe for human health. Since the 1990s, the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 guarantees that every single element of a textile product has been rigorously and accurately tested by Oeko-tex partner institutes.

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