Colored Felt and Melange

If industrial felt has always been the fulcrum of the production of the Feltrificio Biellese, colored felt has in recent years responded to the ever increasing demand for creativity and innovation, moreover the softness and versatility have now fully sanctioned its complete introduction in the world of furniture and design.
Following this trend, we have prepared an ecological product, which responds to the increasing felt needs of environmental compatibility, without of course forgetting the constant aesthetic research. The felt used to create this combination makes use of a very refined and constant choice of precious raw materials in order to fully optimise the final result: the result is, thus, a felt pleasant at touch, easy to work, cut and assemble with other materials and recreated in an infinite range of colors.
The collection of colored industrial felts is available in over 40 defined colors. On request, we can perform sample dyes even on small quantities.

Some areas of use:

• Furniture
• Design
• Objects
• Bags

Treatments applied:

• Flame retardant
• Antistatic
• Water repellent
• Resin coating

Technical features:

% Wool 
"C"3 -120,33 / 0,3899%Rolls

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The very nature of felt has allowed it to be used in various industrial sectors: its physical features and the possibility of being able to couple it with other materials, as well as being perfectly punched in shapes defined by drawing, make it one of the most versatile used in industry.
Type of felt produced on design: in this way, special sheared pieces are created for all applications, ready to be used for required uses.

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