Production of wool felt

The production of the well known "non-woven fabric"

Felt is one of the oldest fabrics on the market and the processing techniques have been handed down over the centuries, reaching present day almost unchanged. Felt is considered, due to its nature and the resulting processing phases, a "non-woven fabric" as the main characteristic is that there is no spinning, warping or weaving process.

Production Process

The production is based solely on the ability to felting of the wool fibers, that is to join through a mechanical action, combined with the use of heat, water vapor and soap. Today this process, once carried out manually, is performed through the use of appropriate machinery.
Raw material
It is performed through the use of appropriate machinery, which mix the raw material.
Special machines comb the raw material to obtain wool veils.
The wool veils are assembled to obtain mattresses with different weights and thicknesses. From here, we proceed to felting, fulling and finally drying and finishing.

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