The history of the Feltrificio Biellese

The company was founded in 1958, when the Franco brothers began the production of wrought wool felt in the buildings that until then had been used for other processes. This was not an obvious choice since the manufacture of felt was not well known in the Biella area, which was normally oriented towards traditional textile productions, such as spinning or weaving. Since then the Franco family, with the tenacity that distinguishes typical Piedmontese families, has carried on with passion and dedication the creation of this particular and ancient product, knowing how to adapt and renew, while maintaining a close link with tradition and not forgetting about it's past.

A story based on tradition and quality

Therefore tradition, together with quality and service, are factors that have made our company an international leader in the sector. This scrupulous continuous search for the best, offers well-made products entirely packaged in the Quaregna plant, giving life to a complete production cycle that guarantees an impeccable service.

Our strengths

With more than 60 years of experience, Feltrificio Biellese stands out on the Italian and world market for quality and experience.
Quality and service
We believe in the values ​​of respect for the environment, research of raw materials and the effectiveness of our service, for an unmistakable product with undisputed quality.

Reference point in Biella, in Italy and in the world

We are producers of industrial felt in the Biella area, known in Italy and in the world as a fundamental textile-wool center, this allows us to have the widest and most complete choice of fine wools available for the production of our felt products.

Our creations

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