Feltrificio Biellese

Who are we

The company was founded in 1958, when the Franco brothers began the production of wool felt in the buildings that until then had been used for other processes. This is not an obvious choice, since the manufacture of felt was not so well known in the Biella area, normally oriented towards traditional textile productions, such as spinning or weaving. Since then the Franco family, with the tenacity that distinguishes typical Piedmontese families, has carried on with passion and dedication the creation of this particular and ancient product, knowing how to adapt and renew, while maintaining a close link with tradition and not forgetting about it's past.
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Our dedicated services

In addition to the production of standard and on-demand industrial felt, Feltrificio Biellese offers a wide range of services to meet the multiple needs of the market. Our company provides continuous support to customers who, for specific needs, need solutions that differ from the range of felts we normally offer. One of our strengths in is fact flexibility, the ability to meet particular requests, following their development and making our experience available to the most demanding customers.
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Production Made in italy

Made in Italy: not a simple expression that localizes the product, but a real guarantee of all-Italian quality, creativity and excellence.
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